Member Faq

Welcome to the family! We congratulate you on your commitment to improving your fitness, your health, and your life.

As a new member of Bear Mountain Strength And Fitness, please take the time and go through this page. It contains almost all the answer to the questions you might have about being a member. Knowing and understanding the information will greatly improve and maximise your experience.

  • We send out a monthly email newsletter. !t will contain any schedule changes, upcoming events, and other important information regarding the gym and your membership.

  • Check us out on Social Media: Bear Mountain Strength And Fitness Facebook

  • You can see what the workout is on our website every day at .

  • Don’t forget to blog your results on SugarWOD!


  • Be social. Introduce yourself, shake hands with strangers and make friends. Post to the blog. Attend social events.

  • Be Humble. Give it your all, but don’t take yourself or the WOD too serious.

  • Be Positive. Celebrate your achievements and those of others.

  • Be Respectful. Respect the equipment and the space. Clean up after yourself. Respect the Coaches; Show up on time and listen.


Fitness does not require for you to have your own equipment for class but it is nice to have the following on your own. We suggest that you fill a gym bag with the following things.

  • Notebook to keep track of your workouts or download the SugarWOD App   How to track your workouts (what to write)

  • Jump Rope (Rogue Fitness or RX Smart Gear)

  • Flat shoes for weightlifting (Nike Metcons,Reebok Nanos, Converse, Olympic lifters, etc.)

  • Towel to wipe down after a workout

  • Pair of sweats or long socks to protect your shins from certain exercises (Deadlift, Olympic liftings, Rope Climbs, etc.)

Now that you now the rules and what do bring for the workout, let’s talk about that can make your break your success with our program.

  • YOUR COMMITMENT AND DEDICATION. Plain and simple. Our coaches and our community are here to help and support you, but if you don’t show up, nothing will change.

  • NUTRITION AND DIET. What you put in your body has EVERYTHING to do with how you look and feel. Coming to the gym and working out with us is only part of the equation. Eating correctly has a big impact on how you feel, your performance in the gym, and the way that you think. If you want to know how to eat correctly, check out Zone Meal Plans or talk to any of our coaches.

  • DON’T OVER TRAIN. Over stressing your body by doing too much will have a very negative effect. It will tear down your muscles, joints, tendons and increase your cortisol level, which will have a huge impact on your overall health and weight loss. Listen to your body and REST.

  • LOG AND JOURNAL YOUR WORKOUTS. If you invest your time into what you are doing, log and track your workouts, and you will have much better success. To help you with this, register yourself on our blog and post your results. There is nothing better than being able to see your progress over time.

  • PARTICIPATE IN THE COMMUNITY EVENTS. We have a lot of different events and workshops every month to provide our members with a variety of fun and different things to learn and do. Take advantage of all the things that we offer and do as a group and you’ll find not only a great community but also good friends and family.

As you start out, we suggest the following plan especially if you are not used to physical activity.

  • Start out slow, check your ego at the door and be accountable for your body and your health.

  • Listen to your Coaches! Your safety is our primary concern so if we feel that you are not doing something correctly we will scale it down for you. Again, please keep your ego out of the room and listen to your coach.

  • Your objective in the first few weeks is to keep coming back. Don’t kill yourself in one workout and be too sore to come back for a month. Go easy in the beginning. Build a consistent schedule for yourself to come to the gym.

  • Don’t worry about your time or score. Your goal when doing the workouts in the beginning is.

  • To first perform all the movements correctly and safely. Your second goal is to RX it. RX means doing the WOD as prescribed without modifying or scaling it. If you are doing jumping pullups, or doing pushups on your knees, using lighter weight, etc., don’t worry about how fast you do the workout. Worry about doing full range of motion, challenging yourself every time to use more weight, etc. Your goal should be to work up to doing the WODs RX’d. Once there, go crazy and try to get on the leaderboard.

  • Don’t cheat! Always use full range of motion and achieve to do the correct form and movement. Don’t count a rep if you didn’t earn it. No one is going to look at you in a bad way if you are slow, but they will if you cheat to try to get a better score or time.

  • Almost everything you need is on our website. Please take some time to go through and familiarize yourself with the entire site.


For questions and concerns, please call us or ask us in person at anytime or use the

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I workout? It really depends on the person. For beginners that are just starting to workout = 2-3 times a week. For more athletic person that is starting out Fitness= 3-4 times a week. For experienced Fitners= 4-6 times a week. The most important thing is to listen to your body. If you feel great, you should come workout. If you feel great but a little too sore, do something active outside like hiking or just walking. If you feel worn down and tired, take a rest day or days. Always listen to your body.

  • Do I still need to go to another gym and do cardio or weights? Definitely not. Fitness combines all aspects of physical fitness including cardio and weight training.

  • I am out of shape and I can’t do anything intense. First the intensity is all relative to yourself and not anyone else. Second, as a beginner your goal isn’t to be super intense but to set a good routine of coming to the gym and working out. While you are doing this, you should also be learning as much as you can and really developing and understanding the correct techniques for each movement. Once you have been working out for few weeks, have a good routine, and understand the movements and can do it with the correct technique, your next goal is to start hitting the workouts as hard as YOU can.

  • I am a woman and I don’t want to get bulky and buff by lifting weight. Don’t worry, you won’t. Most men lift weights everyday hours at a time trying to get buff. If its this hard for a man to get buff and bulky, it’s going to be a lot harder for a woman to get bulky.

  • Should I be taking any supplements? If you are on a good health diet, you should be able to take in all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs. If not, we recommend taking multivitamins. The only other supplement we recommend is Fish oil. Consult with your doctor regarding any deficiencies in your body.

  • I need help with my diet. Great! We provide nutritional consultation meetings including body assessment (measurements, weight, pictures).


  • WOD = Workout of the day

  • RX’d = Also known as Prescribed. This is the workout format/weight/reps that we are prescribing for the class. This RX version is set for the top level athletes. Anyone can scale down the workout as needed.

  • AMRAP = As many rounds/reps as possible

  • MetCon = Metabolic Conditioning workout

  • Hero WOD = Fitnesshas many workouts that are named like Fran, Angie. There is a sub set of these that are named after fallen soldiers, PD, FD personals. These workouts are usually very challenging both physically and mentally.

  • Benchmark WOD = Every so often we will post a benchmark workout. Each benchmark WOD is repeated every few months and this will serve as a great report card of how your fitness is progressing. So don’t forget to log all your results on our blog.