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At Bear Mountain Strength And Fitness, we emphasize a supportive community, measuring progress, and celebrating success all of which starts with a supportive coach to athlete relationship. We believe our commitment to these values has helped us create a world-class environment for our athletes.

To support these values, we chose the SugarWOD workout app. It’s a fun, social way to track your WODs and from day one you get to enjoy the unique community at Roots. Using it is totally optional (you can keep your account private), but on any given day more than 85% of Roots athletes who attend class are using SugarWOD!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe environment where we are inspiring fun, fostering camaraderie, building confidence, encouraging growth, celebrating both success and failure, valuing family and friendships, participating and understanding the importance of giving back to our local community. All while promoting fitness and forming a lifelong passion for healthy living.

Bear Mountain Teens (age 11-16)

Continue with our belief of teaching youth exercise is FUN our Bear Mountain Teens program is for athletes ages 11-16. These classes are still loaded with fun but now have an added focus and intensity on working towards our athlete’s individual goals. Our main focus is excellent form above all else. With excellent form we know our athletes will thrive in all areas of fitness. Workouts are performance based and light loads are introduced. Workouts are constantly varied and include exciting challenges.

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

1. Download SugarWOD

2. Sign up for an account

Sign-up for an account (it’s free!) and select Bear Mountain Strength And Fitness as your box. (Code: bear)

3. Start logging your workouts!

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