About The Gym

Why Choose Bear Mountain Strength and Fitness?

We are an all-inclusive fitness facility that assists anyone looking to become a better version of themselves. We do this in a 3,400 square foot space where we offer a safe, non-intimidating and welcoming environment along with a variety of classes including CrossFit, HIIT and Yoga/Mobility sessions.

We believe that incredible transformation happens when you challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and combine hard work with a supportive community and outstanding coaching. We support you wherever you are on your fitness journey, with one goal in mind: to help you get stronger, healthier, and happier. We are dedicated to delivering a well-programmed and coached fitness experience that is both challenging and enjoyable.

Our team is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals. We believe that everyone has the potential to transform their body and their life, and we are here to help you make that happen.


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