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To really understand a company, is to understand why they do what they do. Here’s our story about how Bear Mountain CrossFit came to be and our “WHY”.


A friend of mine suggested I try CrossFit out since I was coming off of endurance sports. I had been doing half marathons and triathalons, but they were becoming too time consuming, and I was getting bored. All it took was a Google search, and I started CrossFit in 2010 at CrossFit Metropolis in NYC. Trying to make it in the concrete jungle in Manhattan can be quite challenging and I often found it difficult to escape the hustle of city life, but something changed when I walked into that CrossFit gym. All that outside noise seemed to disappear, and that one hour gave me some weird freedom where you actually felt present and in the moment, not worrying about anything. I didn’t realize the fringe benefits that came along with it..it’s got to be that good ju-ju feeling I got (maybe it was the endorphin high after the workout, lol).

After a few months at Metropolis I pursued my L-1 and had the opportunity to sit in the shoes of being a CF coach. I cannot even put into words the pure excitement, pride and joy it brought to me to be able to work with individuals for their betterment. I come from a Human Resources background, specializing in wellness, and I understood that if I can get others to see the benefits of what CrossFit can bring, the return on investment would be limitless – who doesn’t want good health, less doctor visits, less ailments as we age! Not to mention, the supportive environment and extended family you get at an affiliate. After coaching as a hobby for several months, I quit my HR job and took on something I was finally passionate about. Not only has CrossFit created a place I could go to, or a community I could feel embraced by, it also changed me mentally by empowering me and challenging me every day. It changed my perspective on fitness and re-affirmed that to improve upon ourselves and our relationships/families, we must invest the time to take care of ourselves.


My fiancee and I decided it was time to leave the city for more space in the ‘burbs. So we made the move to Westchester where I started training at Empire State CrossFit. The universe must’ve been conspiring to put the pieces into place, because after training at ESCF for a few months, their sister gym “The North” was in need of a head coach. Within a year of coaching, I fell in love with the community that surrounded me, and took a leap of faith and became owner. Granted – this all happened the same year I was getting married!


As newly weds and owners, we poured our hearts and souls into our new adventure. In an effort to stand apart, we re-branded to reflect our growth, and more importantly, our community. We’ve decided that “Bear Mountain CrossFit” best exemplifies that. The “bear” is a symbol of strength, power, and support. Which is everything we so strongly believe in. Our logo represents change, growth, and a brighter tomorrow… As we often hashtag “Stronger Together”. All it took for me was that one year to see how special a place this is and how I wanted to continue to grow the community we’ve built.


Fast forward to where we are today, and to all our members (current & past) and all our friends and family who have supported us, thank you for allowing me to live out my “Why”. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to show you why CrossFit is a great program – and not strictly for the benefits of the physical means, but from the relationships and extended family that it fosters.

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